EDFIBRE key highlights

  • Compliant to local Regulatory Framework, such as TEQSA, ASQA, NZQA
  • Intelligent Interventions
  • Interactive Data Mining of student engagement
  • Global Resources utilisation mechanism
  • Replicating virtual environments for classrooms
  • Student Counselling Bots for active recruitments

Case Study with ATMC

ONLINE is the new normal but this doesn’t practically work for qualifications

Traditional Online model limitations

EDFIBRE is a TEQSA compliant technology and resource ecosystem meant for transnational delivery driving student engagement and interaction in the learning value chain; pre-empting intervention with high success rate, holistic education and student wellbeing.

EDFIBRE online delivery
with Flexible Learning Spaces
Academic Progression and Intervention at right time
is to ease and support student’s journey to qualification and their wellbeing

Flexible Learning Spaces

With the global footprint having partner branches (physical) in India, Nepal, Sri Lanka, Bangladesh, Sydney, Melbourne, Canada, New Zealand. EDFIBRE ecosystem is enabling a student to provide full support in completing the qualifications.

Academic Progression and Intervention

EDFIBRE’s nucleus is to track academic progression in depth with insights available to its academic coordination team and the lecturers.

EDFIBRE’s intelligent algorithms provide a personalized intervention based on several attributes ranging from student’s background, academic performance, extra-curricular, behaviour, academic service usage and so on.

Correct intervention with right support instils confidence in students.


Student’s journey to attain a qualification

EDFIBRE support students right from Marketing & Admissions -> Enrolment -> Study & Support > Qualification

EDFIBRE keeps student journey simple and supportive to take away the limitations of “traditional online” model of study


Our Philosophy

  • One can replace intelligence with systems, but human consciousness is irreplaceable
  • Technology can replace a lot in the future but can’t substitute the different forms of human interactivity with another human (Social attributes are important for good mental health)
  • Online lectures need interactive learning spaces for complex and group based subject matters to achieve true effectiveness
  • Education 4.0 is built upon industry interaction which is one of the major issues for a traditional online education

About us

ASTS (Australian Software and Technology Solutions Pty ltd) is an established software development company and the brain behind EDFIBRE. Australian Software & Technology Solutions Pty Ltd (ASTS) was registered in 2016 in Australia with a mission to become global leaders in Ed-Tech (Education Technology). ASTS is building solutions in the emerging landscape of EdTech solutions which is estimated to grow around US $90 Billion globally. EDFIBRE, the flagship product of ASTS, is an Australian ed-tech ecosystem enabling transnational education delivery for Australian, UK, New Zealand and Canadian Universities and Vocational Sector.



Dr Manish Malhotra

Chairman & Founder, ASTS

Dr Manish owns and leads ASTS in business and commercial context. Having founded ATMC (Australian Technical Management college) in 2004 that has reached scales of 800 staff members with 10 campuses globally in higher education and vocational space, Dr Manish is striving for next big thing to make education accessible to everyone globally with the help of technology via ASTS.


Kunal Chhabra

CTO & Co-founder, ASTS

Kunal leads ASTS on the technology front, a visionary and an architect crafting the EDFIBRE platform for next years to come. Kunal having 15 years of industry and commercial experience in implementing technology for fortune 500 companies; earlier co-founded two start-ups in Enterprise Blockchain and Data Science, he has gained an expertise in implementing commercially viable technology at scale.

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